Donations to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

17th October 1993
  • United Kingdom Association of Peradeniya Medical School Alumni has sent sterling pounds 2,555/- through Prof. Varagunam
  • The Committee approved to donate Rs. 100,000/- to the Dean PMS to purchase necessary text books for the students.
22nd January 1994
  • Dr. Dudly’s contribution £ 2500/- Rs. 150,000/- from this for CD ROM and computer and the balance to library.
28th July 1996
  • The Committee decided to utilized the donations of Rs. 102,000/- given by the PeMSAA U.K. as follows – Rs. 50,000/- to buy books for the Medical Library and Rs. 50,000/- to give loans to final year Medical students.
20th January 2004
  • Dr. C. Jayasinghe announced that the faculty board approval has been granted to the Summerhouse project, which will be funded by the money donated by the 1963 Batch.
  • The Summer House was constructed and handed over to the Dean of Faculty of Medicine.
25th November 2004
  • Committee decided to purchase few chairs and racks for the student’s canteen from medical exhibition money.
23rd December 2005
  • Committee decided to purchase a bus for the Faculty with the contributions from the 1st batch and PeMSAA money. The bus was purchased and handed over to the Dean of Faculty of Medicine for the benefit of the medical students.
21st July 2006
  • Committee decided to give Rs. 60,000/- for Medical student’s concert expenses
  • Committee decided to fix fans in 2 lecture theatres along with exhaust fans and to hand over 2 plaques stating the items donated by PeMSAA 2005/2006 to be fixed at Student’s canteen & lecture theatres.
12th march 2008
  • Committee approved to donate 160 chairs and 40 tables to the Medical student’s canteen.
20th October 2010
  • The President proposed the establishment of a PeMSAA studentship that would be gifted to the faculty in its jubilee year.


  • Lockers for the benefit of medical students were given to the Teaching Hospital during Prof Neelakanthi  Ratnatunga’s  presidency


  • PeMSAA Australasia Chapter donated Rs 100,000/= to the medical library and a sum of  Rs 300,000/= was donated for the refurbishment of the medical students’ room, from the profit of the 11th International Medical Congress (Congress Chair –Prof Chandra Abeysekera and President – Prof Neelakanthi Ratnatunga).
27th April 2012


  • A sum of Rs 100,000/= was donated from the profit of the 11th Int. Medical Congress to the Studentship Fund
11th March 2013
  • The Summer house has been renovated at a cost of Rs. 55,588/-.
22nd August 2013
  • PeMSAA Raffle - Rs. 300,000/- was generated by this venture which would be utilized for the PeMSAA Studentship.


  • PeMSAA Australasia donated Rs Rs 479,800/= and Rs 300,000/= was donated from the profits of the 12th Int. Medical Congress,  to the PeMSAA Studentship Fund (President - Prof Chandra Abeysekera and Congress Chair – Dr Shanthini  Rosairo)
26th May 2014
  • PeMSAA had donated a bag counter to the students’ canteen as the request of the MFSU.


  • 50 chairs worth Rs 142,875/= were donated to the faculty canteen and tables & chairs (made of solid wood), worth Rs 467,500/= were donated to the faculty for the benefit of the students from the profit of the 12th Int. Medical Congress
  • PeMSAA USA Chapter donated a sum of Rs 664,637/50 to the PeMSAA studentship fund

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